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” Seemingly out of nowhere, foreign host-country laws are enacted or changed. What is legal one day may be illegal the next. So, how should companies keep up and avoid the problems that come with outsourcing? They shouldn’t, we do it all for them anywhere in the world. “

– Chief Executive Officer, GPA

Customized Global Outsourcing…

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GPA is a powerful value when organizations are ready to explore or implement outsourcing programs. The power behind the value is due to the outsourcing programs being custom designed for each specific client engagement with the ultimate goal of sustainable long-term positive results.

The GPA outsourcing programs are normally implemented rapidly and completely transparent to our clients’. Each and every outsourcing program is developed with the assurance of avoiding risks and liabilities for our clients’ and contracting employees.

The multinational contracting employees located around the world are supported by an easy-to-access centralized team within the United States. Our centralized support team not only ensures country-to-country legal compliance, it also provides a far superior standard of required performance excellence for our contracting employees.

Core Capabilities Snapshot

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  • Analytically determine the risk & benefits of outsourcing for clients
  • Recruit, employ and deploy anyone anywhere
  • Manage, mitigate and eliminate employer and co-employment risks
  • Improve operational and employee performance excellence
  • Solve multi-cultural & address foreign countries legal business differences

We Provide Services Across All Business Industries and Geographies

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Global Outsourcing Solutions

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We will work with you to identify and/or help refine which operations and/or employee personnel should be globally outsourced to best address the needs of your company while maximizing investments.
  1. 1
    Outsourcing Diagnostic
    Analytically determine and recommend best outsourcing programs
  2. 2
    Develop and implement outsourcing programs in the most effective regions
  3. 3
    Reduce Liabilities
    Identify potential foreign law liabilities while safeguarding against them

Human Capital Management

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We will work with you to identify and/or help refine which operations and/or employee personnel should be globally outsourced to best address the needs of your company while maximizing investments.
  1. 1
    International Recruiting

    Recruit subject matter experts on a local region or global level

  2. 2
    Comprehensive Background Checks

    Conduct in-depth professional, personal and criminal background investigations

  3. 3
    Personnel Deployment

    Relocate and repatriate personnel as per the work assignment period of performance needed

  4. 4
    Shipping of Household Goods

    Coordinate and manage all logistics to ensure shipments arrive on-time and clear customs

  5. 5
    Ongoing Travel Agent Support

    Booking airfare, hotel stays, and local transportation

  6. 6
    Identify & Broker Local Housing

    We identify and negotiate temporary housing for deployed employees

  7. 7
    Global Payroll

    Compensate employees on a weekly or monthly basis

  8. 8
    Medical Benefits

    Health, dental and workers compensation

Employee Performance & Project Management

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A GPA Management team member serves as the one-on-one primary point of ‘supervision & personal support’ contact to its contracting employees in an effort to achieve consistent performance excellence, high quality deliverables and greater employment retention:
  1. 1
    Management Representative
    One-on-one supervision and employee support
  2. 2
    Timely Performance Reviews
    Conduct scheduled performance reviews and provide timely feedback
  3. 3
    Operational Benchmarking
    Create and maintain performance matrix to ensure job performance deliverables are submitted on-time

International Compliance

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Our global legal team and compliance experts work relentlessly to safeguard clients and our contracting employees from adverse financial or criminal liabilities by strictly adhering without exceptions to worldwide foreign laws and regulations
  1. 1

    Sponsor visas and work permits

  2. 2

    Ensure local tax withholdings and remittance to local government authorities

  3. 3

    Accurate labor classifications
    according to the local government region authorities

  4. 4
    Record Management
    Strict and audit proof compliance available for third party or client auditing

We Focus on Improvements & Measurable Results

Performance Excellence
We make every effort to understand the specific personal needs of our individual employees and their professional contracting expectations in order to deliver seamless performance and project management coordination.
Integrity and Commitment
You can trust in the strength and heritage of our company to consistently deliver on the services promises we make. We meticulously document our performance deliverly results and share them with you.
Proactive Partnership
You can expect our team to work with you hand in hand in support of your company goals, and we will evolve with your changing needs.
24/7 Emergency Evacuations
GPA monitors geopolitical circumstances worldwide to protect our clients’ investments and ensure the personal safety of our contracting employees and their loved ones.