About Us

” Our integrity and core values are predictable. It’s what guides us when easy or tough decisions are needed on the margin. Implicit or explicit, it’s actions not words what forms the basis of trust with our clients’ and employees. “

— Chief Executive Officer, GPA 


GPA is a private held corporation with its headquarters located in the United States. We represent over 17 years of consistent deep and strategic functional outsourcing experience in creating, implementing, managing and supporting international business operations and contingent contracting employment programs.
We Are Not a “Body Shop” Or “Seat Filler” Provider

About Our Operations

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    Would You Trust a Company Only Interested in Billing for Services?

    You should know some Staffing Agencies (Contracting Employers) commonly use the terms “Body Shop” or “Seat Filler” as references to the services they provide.

    Those terms are used by them since their primary focus and number one goal is to generate billing, hire and fire people for their clients. This means their services only have two priorities:

    1. Filling a position as soon as possible in order to bill their clients
    2. Cutting paychecks to the employees.

    Unfortunately, such Staffing Agencies never take the time to learn and build relationships with their employees as professionals and individuals with unique personalities. They do not bother to properly acquaint themselves with their employees by learning about them. Also, new hire orientations are not conducted, leaving employees to figure out the work expectations needed by them on their own.

    Those Staffing Agencies hire and fire with little to no contact during or after an entire employment lifecycle. Some even go as far as using emails or voicemails to terminate an employee’s work assignment. They simply do not value their contracting employees as people. This creates and perpetuates a negative impact made upon a clients’ organization.

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    Why You Can Trust Us…

    It is all about you, not us! Global Public Advisors (GPA) is the way to help U.S. organizations outsource to nearly every geographic location without losing the one-on-one personal touch of being an employer on their behalf.

    We perform global employee satisfaction surveys. The results are shared with our clients as absolute confirmation of our genuine support and care for our contracting employees. With excellent employment satisfaction, along with our international business expertise, the average tenure of the contracting employees increases and ultimately adds greater value to our clients’ bottom line.

    Countless studies confirm time and time again that it is impossible to separate the irrefutable link between “Happy Employees and Higher Profits.”

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    Our People & Our Values…

    While our people come from diverse international citizenships, academic backgrounds and business industries, the GPA culture is uniformly centered and measured by our values. This means we constantly challenge our work performance to push beyond the industry status quo and our client expectations.

    We demonstrate the passion for the work we do by being energetic, tenacious and hardworking in the spirit of the GPA mission, vision and its operating principals.


Professional Consulting

Our Mission

The Global Public Advisor mission is to be known as the premier international outsourcing provider for client organizations and contracting employees to successfully thrive beyond their own expectations.

Our Vision

The Global Public Advisor vision is to be the most sought-after international outsourcing service provider through consistently demonstrating global team unity, cutting-edge expertise and genuine personal care in the best interest of our contracting employees and clients served.

1998People Employed
74Current Operational Countries
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Our Operating Principals


Genuine Commitment
Genuine commitment to achieve performance excellence by demonstrating professional decorum, exhibiting passion, enthusiasm, dedication and resilience in our day-to-day-work.


Promoting Team Unity
Promoting team unity by encouraging and tolerating each other’s opinions; we refuse to passively complain even during difficult and stressful times.


Act with Integrity

Act with integrity while extending trust, cooperative support and mindful respect to everyone in our day-to-day interactions; thereby, fostering open, honest and direct communication.

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We strive to adhere 100% to the GPA Operating Principles; we comply completely, in letter and in spirit.

We build wider understanding and support for these principles within our organization and for our clients.